Aditya Vidyashram

Lemonade Making Day in KG Classes

  • Today was a delightful and refreshing day for the kindergarten students at our school as they celebrated Lemonade Making Day.
  • The excitement was palpable as the children gathered, ready to embark on their citrusy adventure. With tiny hands eagerly squeezing lemons and mixing in just the right amount of sugar and water, the classroom was filled with laughter and the zesty aroma of fresh lemons.
  • The joy on the children’s faces was evident as they took turns stirring the lemonade, proud of their efforts in creating a delicious, homemade treat.
  • The fun didn’t stop there! Once the lemonade was prepared, the children joyfully recited a rhyme about making lemon juice, their voices ringing with enthusiasm
  • The day was a wonderful blend of learning and play, giving the children a hands-on experience in making a simple recipe while also enhancing their social and recitation skills.
  • It was a memorable day that left everyone with a sweet taste and happy hearts.