Aditya Vidyashram
Middle school (Grades 6 – 8)
Students work cooperatively, and the reality of and appreciation for our diversity continues to be integral to every aspect of our curriculum in middle school. Middle school students approach their academic, social, and emotional learning on a deep level and gain new insights about the complexity of their roles in local and global communities. Atrium provides a safe environment where students are encouraged to explore how to integrate and internalize their ideas and their values into daily practice and being. Our goal is to help students be kind, conscientious, ethical, and proactive members of the communities they will join after their time at adityacbse.
The themes and core subjects at Middle School are listed, below, according to the specific grades. In a commitment to educating the whole child, core studies are balanced with time dedicated to students’ social, emotional, physical, and artistic growth. The following are the general areas of middle school education; specific themes and core subjects are listed, below, according to grade level.

Social Awareness, Wellness

Our curriculum focuses on making healthy choices–socially, emotionally and physically. Students come to know how their choices impact themselves and others.

Individual Progress and Growth

Students entering the Cambridge Secondary 1 and IGCSE at Aditya Vidyashram in Chennai is to find encouragement to discover their own potential, while developing deep subject knowledge and honing their skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Students find that they are engaged in several hands-on and real-world projects that support, extend and reinforce their learning beyond their classrooms.

Qualified, Trained and Experienced Teachers

We strive to provide an academically challenging environment in order to foster intellectual curiosity and a sense of responsibility in our students. We offer an amazing curriculum with an international perspective. Our integrated core courses break down the barriers of content allowing more time and flexibility, deeper learning and closer connections with fewer teachers. Technology is seamlessly incorporated into all subject areas and students celebrate their learning with their parents with the end of the year e-portfolio presentations.
Our teachers come with a range of experiences from both teaching and other industry backgrounds, with a common love for teaching.