Aditya Vidyashram

Primary School (Pre. KG – Grade 5)

Children of all abilities can falter in their learning when they move from one phase of education to the next as they face unfamiliar environment and new styles of teaching and learning. Coimbatire Aditya Vidyashram school Wing follows CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education. This curriculum is vigilantly chosen, designed and standardized by erudite academicians after extensive research (by CARE) to support continuity and progression across these stages.

With this background, children in the age group between 5 ½ and 10 ½ yrs are introduced to a variety of activity-based, stress-free learning to motivate them to be the best active agents in his/her own environment. Qualified and well experienced facilitators allow them to grab the opportunity to discover their hidden talents; to excel in the chosen area and spruce them well in all aspects through rigorous, joyous and ingenious engagement. The learning strategies include drama activities, role plays, co-operative games, projects, picture talk, oral & visual comprehension, discussion, written activities, multimedia edutainment etc.
A comprehensive learning ecosystem serves the right opportunity for a well-balanced intellectual and physical development. No child under our care is confined to only classroom learning but all possibilities to grow and glow in extracurricular activities are explored as well. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern is followed to assess the child’s learning under the 3 areas namely Scholastic, Co-Scholastic and Extra Curricular.

We strongly believe that classroom learning alone will not suffice the needs and demands of our techno driven world. Coimbatore Aditya Vidyashram schooling attaches great importance in preparing children for the transition into the next phase to face the challenges boldly. Highlights of actual learning inside and outside classrooms are:

  • Smart Class: Converts the classrooms more interactive and livelier to retain information.
  • Learning Styles: Uses multiple learning styles to help children to strengthen understanding.
  • Junior Science Lab: Supports Science learning through hand-on activities to rediscover Science.
  • Learning English: Prepares learners to achieve English Proficiency.
  • Sports Education: Develops fundamental skills into sports skills for a healthy life.
  • The Arts: Sharpens creative and aesthetic skills in Music, Art and Dance.
  • Student Council: Fosters leadership skills in the Senior Primary (Classes IV & V) to identify young leaders.
  • Field Trips: Approaches learning in a new way to bring more clarity to theoretical concepts.
  • Society and me: Serves the purpose of experiential learning through Social Service activities.
  • Olympiads: Prepares students to enrich the power of analysis and application through NSO, NCO, IMO etc.