Aditya Vidyashram
No economy devoid of education can rise. Our mother nation being a knowledge based economy, needs a booming education sector with manifolds in meeting the growing needs, currently the gap in demand and supply of employable educators, 21 st century management institutes, professional development training especially through experts, current trends, differentiated methodologies, skill set developments, competency commitments, concept applications and hi-tech spreads. The keen resolve at this juncture, thus in Aditya is to excel and to provide educational opportunities with the zeal to stimulate the best of ‘aurous education’ at our premises with a sense of responsibility.
It is our proud privilege to compliment the parents who have showered their faith in us and got their wards admitted in Aditya, the institute fundamental to the mission of uplifting the educational standard of learners, provides better academic opportunities so that they can raise the challenge in the emerging conditions.
We owe our culture instilling in the minds of our students that they will upswing to celebrate their relation with all those who care for them the most, by being successful ever. Our institute has been proving milestones in the ever shining path of those who are and will be in close association with this prestigious institution. At Aditya, we have embraced the culture of universal achievement and exceptional systems to support the success of every child. Our school wide commitment encompasses: Every child to be proficient in linguistic computational scientific and collective character intelligence, endowed with enriching learning opportunities; Our educators using assessment is to guide next steps in education and collaborate to provide planned instruction maximizing our student success.
This marks a tribute to staff and students who work so hard to reach to high standards as demanded for the reach of our school and its standard. The result report of Aditya itself speaks the peak reach and many new guidelines for future development which the Board and the school Administration will build into our strategic planning.
In the showground of human time the integrity goes to those who express virtuous merits and stick long enough to their brilliance strokes. Aiming that the students and stakeholders join us: stop all else, stays along and delight in our way to victory. All great men of the world who have achieved high feat points were not rarities in their creation. They were not enlightened by any short cut to success. Modest virtues of persistence, promptness, keenness, vigilance, gentility and sincerity carry us more than mere fleeting the fluxes.
यस्य कृत्यं न विघ्नन्ति शीतमुष्णं भयं रति ।
समृध्दिरसमृद्धिर्वा स वै पण्डित उच्यते ॥
One whose task is never hindered by cold, heat, fear, fond,
prosperity or lack of riches, is really superior.