Aditya Vidyashram

Aditya Vidyashram Gurugram, Coimbatore celebrated Pongal with great enthusiasm on 13.01.2024. The school’s vibrant atmosphere was filled with cultural fervor as students actively participated in various events like dance, singing, and speeches. Adding a traditional touch, sweet Pongal was prepared on the campus, symbolizing the essence of the festival.

In a unique display of gratitude, the school community worshipped the Sun God, acknowledging the vital role of sunlight in agriculture. A special moment unfolded as a cow was invited, and students reverently worshipped it, offering Pongal as a gesture of respect towards this sacred animal.

The celebration extended beyond rituals to include joyous activities such as tug of war, musical chairs, and other games, enhancing the festive spirit. Pongal at Aditya Vidyashram Gurugram was not merely an event but a lively convergence of cultural expression, culinary delights, and festive rituals, creating lasting memories for the entire school community.